Our Mission

Catalyst Schools holistically educate the young men and women entrusted to its care by a school community committed to teaching minds and touching hearts.  We envision a life of meaning and purpose for all people in a world that is just and peaceful.

We are committed to these cultural values that shape our identity and form our scholars:

  • We show profound reverence for each scholar as a unique person
  • We foster respectful relationships and build community
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and each other, hold ourselves accountable, and deliver high results
  • We treat each other the way we want to be treated
  • We promote justice and peace

We serve children living in communities challenged by the effects of discrimination and economic poverty. We understand that each of the communities in which we serve have incredible gifts and whose assets, culture, and heritage hold the promise of a great future. Catalyst helps unlock the gift that is within each child by addressing the whole child: academic, social-emotional, physical and psychological. 

We value family because home is the context in which each child grows and develops. Parental involvement in the school is welcome, encouraged, and needed for a child to achieve full potential.

To find out more about the founding principles of Catalyst, please reference The Legacy of Lasallian Education at Catalyst Schools.

The inspirational philosophy and practical implementation of the Catalyst Schools’ mission is further expressed in these documents, linked here:

Mission Effectiveness Standards

Awakening our deepest call

Virtues of a good teacher

Philosophy of discipline

Guiding themes for a just and peaceful society

Loving our students

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