Catalyst Remote Learning 2nd Quarter

Dear Catalyst community,

We hope that you are safe, healthy and doing well. We are incredibly grateful for the heroic efforts of Catalyst parents, staff, scholars and partners who have worked tremendously to make remote learning as successful as possible.  We have been able to get 100% of scholars connected at home (with a Catalyst device available to all), and we are seeing ~94% average daily attendance across the network.

When we made the decision in August to remain remote, it was informed by our parents and staff and based on the safety of everyone in our community. Staff and parents have worked incredibly hard towards an online learning platform that has worked well. In determing how we move forward into Quarter 2 was again driven by community safety and our capacity to ensure an excellent and accessible online platform for our scholars. Here’s what is known:

  • Survey feedback from parents and staff members have indicated a strong sense of success with online learning;
  • Scholar attendance has been strong, closely aligned to what would be expected during in-person learning;
  • Parent feedback has indicated satisfaction with our approach 
  • Parent feedback indicates that ~30% at Maria and 37% at CCR would send their child back to campus for in person learning after Q1;
  • The remaining percentage of parents have said they are unsure or would not send their child back at this point;
  • COVID19 infection rates are increasing in almost every state, including IL;
  • The medical community has been warning of a second wave and believe we may be entering it;
  • We are approaching flu season which complicates health issues;
  • We do not have access to a vaccine or treatment;

In considering these items, we have determined that this compels us to continue our current remote learning platform through Quarter 2. After numerous conversations and surveys, school and network leadership are in alignment on this. We will smartly reassess when we return from winter break with the earliest date of return to on-site instruction for scholars being the start of Q3, February 8, 2020. At this point, the one thing we know for sure is that we need to reach and teach every one of our scholars

Be well, stay safe, and much peace and grace to our Catalyst families. Stay connected and do not become isolated- please reach out and let us know what we can do to support you.

-The Catalyst Schools team

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