Catalyst Maria charter renewal family/community meeting- 10/19/21

Catalyst Maria needs your help!  Every charter school in Chicago must go through a renewal process and this year is Catalyst Maria’s turn- thanks to the work of you and so many, Catalyst Maria meets or exceeds expectations in all established categories, including academics, finances and operations. For Catalyst, there is no more important voice for the Chicago Board of Education to hear in this matter than the voice of Catalyst Maria parents, staff and community members.

Please join us for an important meeting next Tuesday 10/19 at 6:00 pm, during which Catalyst Maria and CPS will host a meeting during which we will present on the accomplishments of our school. This meeting will have an on-site option with refreshments served as well as an online option so that all families can participate! We will discuss what makes Catalyst Maria a great school as well as offer community members an opportunity to ask questions about renewal and MAKE PUBLIC STATEMENTS ABOUT how we are impacting the Chicago Lawn community! The topics for the meeting will include:

  • Metrics of the school’s academic, financial, and operational performance
  • CPS will explain metrics used to determine renewal as well as the process
  • Families are invited to ask questions about renewal, metrics used, and how a school’s performance impacts their neighborhood.

You don’t need to be an expert on these matters to join.  What does matter is that you join and voice your positive opinion about Catalyst Maria.  Please join us on-site or join via the link here: https://meet.google.com/kbk-jtbs-aoz

Support Catalyst    

Please join our efforts as a champion for changing lives at The Catalyst Schools. If you would like to speak with a Catalyst staff member about your donation, please call us at 773-295-7001.