Catalyst Maria teacher Mr. Mark Lenz selected to INCS Teacher Leadership Cohort!

On December 6, 2021, the 2022 INCS Teacher Leadership Cohort (TLC) was announced. The goal of this nine-month fellowship is to equip teachers with the experiences, knowledge and skills to support them in speaking on behalf of their students, schools and themselves.  The voices of teachers are critical for the future of education- INCS started the Teacher Leadership Cohort last year to build the capacity of charter public school teachers to speak out and share their opinions. The TLC aims to support the commitment and drive of teachers by providing leadership development opportunities to help them to amplify their critical voices. Selected to the 2022 cohort is Catalyst Maria sophomore seminar teacher Mr. Mark Lenz! Mr. Lenz joins Catalyst Circle Rock STEM Team Lead and Middle School Math teacher Ms. Donella Austin as a member of the INCS Teacher Leadership Cohorts (2021). Congratulations Mr. Lenz and Ms. Austin for your efforts in this incredibly important arena!

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