Catalyst Maria Alumni Persistence Fund update

Catalyst Maria continues to grow their support of alumni in many ways, one of which is by increasing equity in accessing post-secondary education through the Alumni Persistence Fund. This fund helps to minimize the financial barriers that can prohibit post-secondary persistence. The CMHS Post-Secondary team has already allocated over $7,000 this year to fulfill 54 alums’ requests (last year they fulfilled 40 requests for a total of $8,200). These funds have helped alums with textbooks, tuition, train tickets to and from campus, clothes for induction ceremonies into various organizations, and many more areas of support. This unique opportunity for CMHS alumni is one of many ways the CMHS team strives to support our scholars, and we are beyond grateful for the generous donations of Catalyst Board member Terry Toth and his wife Monica for making this support a reality. To support the Alumni Persistence Fund, please visit our website linked here.

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