Catalyst Board of Directors May 15, 2023 Meeting Agenda

The Catalyst Board of Directors will hold a meeting May 15, 2023 from 3:00-5:00 pm. The agenda and meeting information are below. All Catalyst Board meetings are open to the public, with a public comment portion during the time below.

Catalyst Schools- Board of Directors Meeting

May 15, 2023

3:00-5:30 PM


Catalyst Circle Rock Charter School

5608 W. Washington Blvd.

Chicago, Illinois 60644


*3:00-3:15 Welcome: Mr. Larry Williams, Chair and Mr. Gordon Hannon, CEO

  • Review of agenda
  • Review and vote for approval of December 8, 2022 Board of Directors meeting minutes; March 1, 2023 Parent, Family, Community Committee meeting minutes; March 1, 2023 Academic Committee meeting minutes; March 3, 2023 Finance Committee meeting minutes
  • Review and vote for approval of March 6, 2023 Board of Directors meeting minutes; May 9, 2023 Parent, Family, Community Committee meeting minutes; May 11, 2023 Finance Committee meeting minutes
  • Vote to approve Catalyst Maria parent Ms. Mitze Moore for three- year initial Board term

*3:15-3:20 - Public comment (limited to 2 minutes per speaker)

*3:25-4:00 - Academic Committee: Guest Speakers Ms. Sasha Fawaz and Ms. Amanda Bates-Kravitz of Catalyst Maria High School

  • Update on new CPS School Accountability Plans and how it will impact Catalyst
  • Special Program Feature: Utmost U post-secondary graduate support program at Catalyst Maria and CMHS graduate outcomes

*4:00-4:20 – Parent, Family, Community Engagement Committee: Mr. Claiborne Wade, Ms. Mitze Moore, Ms. Monica Smith

  • How Catalyst Schools’ Board members and parent groups engaged and impacted the Chicago Lawn, Austin, and wider Chicago communities since our last Board meeting
  • Board member feature: Steven D’Souza and Catalyst Maria-Northrup Grumman relationship
  • Recent impact of how Kehrein Center for the Arts at Catalyst Circle Rock impacted the Austin and greater Chicago Community

*4:20-4:45 - Finance and Strategic Issues Committee: Ms. Ying Hsu

  • Current status of FY23
  • Vote for approval of FY24 budget

*4:45-5:15 – Governance items: Mr. Gordon Hannon and Mr. Larry Williams

  • How do we stay in relationship with Catalyst’s foundational legacy?
  • Discussion on Board membership, terms, and recruitment of new Board members
  • Proposed Board meeting dates for SY23/24


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