Catalyst Board of Directors Meeting 2.23.24 Agenda

The Catalyst Board of Directors will hold a meeting February 23, 2024 from 11:00 am-12:30 pm. The agenda and meeting information are below. All Catalyst Board meetings are open to the public, with a public comment portion during the time below.


Catalyst Maria Charter School

6727 S. California Ave.

Chicago, Illinois 60629


*11:00-11:15 – lunch conversation with Catalyst Maria students in cafeteria

*11:20-11:30 Welcome: Larry Williams, Chair and Gordon Hannon, CEO

  • Review of agenda
  • Review and vote for approval of September 18, 2023, Board of Directors meeting minutes; November 3 and November 30, 2023 Finance Committee meetings minutes; November 29, 2023 Academic Committee meeting minutes; and November 28, 2023 Family and Community Committee meeting minutes

*11:30-11:40- Public comment (limited to 2 minutes per speaker)

*11:40-12:00 – Food service presentation by Taher and food service provider selection process

*12:15-12:30 - Academic Committee: Dr. Catherine Burns

  • On-going Board level monitoring of key performance indicators- IAR, SAT, IEP on-time completion percentage, discipline data, ELL, and attendance metrics

*12:15-12:30 - Finance and Strategic Issues Committee: Yuan-Ying Hsu

  • YTD FY24
  • FY23 audit and Finance and Compliance Scorecard
  • Loan discussion

*12:30-12:45 – Family and Community Committee: Mitzi Moore, Monica Smith, Gordon Hannon, Ed Siderewicz, and Michael Kasang

  • On-going Board level monitoring of family and community relations and responsiveness


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