Project Lead The Way STEM programming thrives at Catalyst!

Catalyst has placed an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programming in grades K-12! This educational priority has been done in collaboration with the national organization Project Lead the Way (PLTW).  One example of PLTW in action has been demonstrated by  scholars in grades 3-5, who are energetically learning about the six simple machines that are seen and used in our everyday lives  (such as a lever, incline plane, pulley, screw, wedge, wheel and axle). Scholars have been given a design challenge to work in teams and rescue a tiger that fell into a moat at the zoo. In order to determine which structure will be the most successful in our design problem, scholars have been using Vex IQ kits  to construct each of the six simple machines. Catalyst Circle Rock's K-5 PLTW teacher Mrs. Carlos was selected to present at the organization's Illinois conference!  Mrs. Carlos said of the work scholars are engaging "It is inspiring to see scholars' genuine engagement throughout the engineering design process and the teamwork that goes into each project."  Check out a picture of this collaboration below!


Catalyst Circle Rock Career Day

Catalyst Circle Rock welcomed numerous professionals to campus on Monday, including Leon Rogers and Tony Sculfied, the Morning Show DJs for WGCI! Many thanks to Ms. Sharon Morgan and all of the professionals that made an incredible impact on the lives of our scholars with this event! Check out a picture below!


Catalyst Circle Rock Hosts Delegation from China

Catalyst Circle Rock hosted over 25 visitors from China interested in learning more about the American education system!  The visitors toured the school, met with school leaders, and heard an incredible performance by the Circle Rockets Orchestra! Many thanks to Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Morgan, Ms. Jessie Connor, Jack Flynn and Mike Schrauth for making the event such a success- check out a picture below!


Catalyst Circle Rock visited by Marcus Ray

Catalyst-Circle Rock was visited by former University of Michigan football player and current Big Ten Network analyst Marcus Ray Thursday!  Mr. Ray provided inspiration for the scholars at CCR during a morning assembly, with the a message of Things in life can make you bitter or they can make you better.  Set a goal and work hard for it, and do not let setbacks prevent you from reaching your dreams.  Many thanks to CCR Dean of Scholars Mr. Kent for arranging this inspirational event- check out a photo below!


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