Circle Rockets Jazz Orchestra Performs at Ravinia!

The Ravinia sponsored Circle Rockets Jazz Orchestra played at Ravinia Saturday evening! This performance preceded a special tribute to Ramsey Lewis and Frank Sinatra at the Highland Park venue! Check out the picture of their performance below!

Jazz Orchestra at Ravinia 2

Catalyst Visited by IL State Rep. Andre Thapedi

Catalyst Maria was honored to host Illinois State Representative Andre Thapedi today! Representative Thapedi visited Catalyst Maria Project Lead The Way STEM classrooms, as well as Catalyst partner Maria Kaupas Center. Many thanks to Ms. Lopez for coordinating this visit- she is pictured below with Rep. Thapedi, CM parent Ms. Shields, an awesome scholar and Elementary Principal Mrs. Williams below!


Charters Achieve!

Catalyst is a proud partner of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools' (INCS') Charters Achieve May campaign aims to celebrate the charter sector and its many achievements during the month of May!  Use the image below to connect to the Charters Achieve webpage and hear the inspiring work of Catalyst and other charters contributions to improving public education in Illinois!

Charters Achieve

Catalyst Circle Rock Mock Trial

This week, Catalyst Circle Rock hosted the Honorable Judge Jackie Portman on campus to preside over the school’s first mock trial! This event was the culmination of months of practice of a group led by Ms. McDowell, Ms. Wilkie and many other CCR staff members! The lawyers in the case were CCR Mock Trial Club scholar members, with CCR staff doing an excellent job as witnesses for the prosecution and defense! Judge Portman is pictured below-great work scholars and staff!



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