Urge our elected officials to vote yes for SB231!

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Urge Catalyst Circle Rock's elected officials to vote yes for SB231!

Urge Catalyst Maria's elected officials to vote yes for SB231!

In Illinois, students living in low-wealth school districts receive only $0.81 for every dollar spent on students living in high wealth districts. The result is the kids needing the most receive the least aid from the state. 

Because of these funding disparities, Chicago Public Schools is contemplating a 39% cut across the board for all schools. These cuts will no doubt negatively affect Catalyst Circle Rock and Catalyst Maria Charter Schools by increasing class sizes and eliminating student supports and programs.

The scholars, staff, families and school communities have worked too hard to provide our scholars with the best education possible to allow more budget cuts to undo this progress.

Send an email to your legislators urging them to vote YES for SB231 through the links above! 

Catalyst Maria Leadership Day

 Leadership Day Maria

Attend Catalyst Maria's Leadership Day Event! Leadership Day is a special opportunity for our school to open our doors to the community to show off the great things that are happening through implementing The Leader in Me process.  Catalyst Maria has built a unique environment where the principles, practices, and habits of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® are embedded into the school's culture. The Leader in Me process defines our school operations, permeates instructional practice and curriculum, and is the basis of a vibrant leadership development approach for both students and staff. Attend this leadership day to be immersed in our leadership culture with presentations from students, teachers and open-house-like visits to classrooms!

Jun 03, 2016 9:00 AM - 12:00 AM

6727 S. California Ave.
Chicago IL, 60629

Registration Information

Dawn Sandoval

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 773-993-1770

Catalyst Board of Directors' Meeting- 5/23/16 Agenda

The Catalyst Board of Directors' will have their final scheduled meeting of the 2015-2016 school year on May 23, 2016 meeting at Catalyst Maria Charter School, located at 6727 S. California Ave. Chicago, IL 60629. The meeting will be from 3:00-5:30 PM.

All Catalyst Board meetings are open to the public.  The agenda for this meeting is below:

*Welcome and mission moment

*Review and approval of February 22, 2016 Board of Directors’ meeting’s minutes

*Board review and vote of Catherine Rich and Andrew Jones’s candidacy as 3-year inaugural term Catalyst Board of Directors’ members.

*Academic Committee

  • SY2015-2016 academic updates

*Finance Committee

  • FY16 YTD
  • Funding update
  • Update on Catalyst Circle Rock facility discussions


Spring 2016 NWEA Testing

Catalyst Kindergarten-8th Grade scholars at Catalyst Circle Rock and Catalyst Maria will beging NWEA testing May 17, 2016! These tests demonstrate how much our scholars have learned during the 2015-2016 school year in Reading and Math (which is a TON!)! It is very important that scholars get a great night of rest, eat breakfast at school or at home, and know that they are going to do great from all of their supporters (parents, family, teachers, etc.)!  Please let the team at either campus know any questions you may have around these tests and we know that our scholars are going to do GREAT!!! 


Catalyst Circle Rock awarded Leader in Me grant!

We are honored to announce Catalyst Circle Rock has been awarded a national Leader in Me grant this week!  This grant will support the school's journey to become a Leader in Me Lighthouse school, a program and process that honors and develops scholar, staff and school community leaders!


This achievement was the result of the efforts of the entire school community to embed the Leader in Me principles into their daily habits. Catalyst Circle Rock joins Catalyst Maria as participants in this incredible program.


Congratulations to the Catalyst Circle Rock community and thank you to Leader in Me!

Leader in Me

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