Block Club Chicago article on Racial Reconciliation Symposium

The Symposium on Racial Reconciliation on November 5, 2020, Catalyst Circle Rock's Kehrein Center for the Arts was featured in a recent Block Club Chicago article, linked here

More information on the symposium can be found below. 

On November 5, 2020, Catalyst Circle Rock's Kehrein Center for the Arts will stage a dynamic virtual symposium on Racial Reconciliation. The event is being hosted by the Austin Renaissance Council, and the program will be formed by neighborhood groups and individuals with compelling voices on that theme. This event will be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook and moderated by Reesheda Washington. 

The Call for Proposals for the Symposium - as well as sponsorship opportunities - can be found here: Symposium on Racial Reconciliation

Questions for consideration in Symposium presentations: 

  • For whom and for what are you advocating? 
  • Who have been the important voices for you in the area of racial justice? 
  • How do you impact and effect change? 
  • If historical figures like Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson are no longer embraced as those who best represent our country's ideals, which historical figures do?
  • What would our country look like if our actions reflected that all people are created equally? 

Please consider participating, as well as circulating to others whose voices we need to hear today.  The deadline for the Call for Proposals is October 16, 2020. For sponsorship opportunities and further questions, contact Sharon Morgan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Catalyst Circle Rock’s Kehrein Center for the Arts featured site for Open House Chicago 2020!

Open House Chicago is back with a reimagined event for 2020. The beloved architecture festival, hosted by the Chicago Architecture Center, will now span 10 days (October 16–25, 2020) and includes both online and outdoor events that showcase the fascinating history, architecture, and culture of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. One of the sites that will be featured for digital tours will be Catalyst Circle Rock’s Kehrein Center for the Arts. To learn more about Open House Chicago, please visit their website through the linked image below.

Open House Chicago 2020

From Catalyst Circle Rock to Attorney: How William Wolfe Followed His Dreams

Hello Catalyst community! 

We hope that you are safe, healthy and doing well! We are honored to share the story of Catalyst Circle Rock graduate William Wolfe, highlighted in a featured story and video linked here! William was a member of the inaugural class of CCR graduates in 2008 and recently graduated from the Syracuse University College of Law, where he was a member of the Black Law Students Association and was elected President during the 2019-2020 academic year. We are inspired by you William!

William Wolfe

Catalyst Maria High School Unveils New E-Soccer Team in Celebration of National Youth Soccer Month

In celebration of US Youth Soccer’s National Youth Soccer Month, Catalyst Maria High School announced the formation of a 7-player boys E-Soccer Team. “This was the players’ idea,” said Mr. José Miguel Burgos, Catalyst Maria Head Soccer Coach. “They were already competing among themselves with their neighborhood friends. So we asked how can the school get behind them, support them, and help them be successful?” Mr. Burgos arranged for the purchase of new team jerseys for the players (pictured below) and even procured new controllers for some of the student athletes who needed them.  

Noting the importance of community to the sport of soccer, Burgos continued. “We want the players to feel that together they are part of something special even at a time when they are physically distanced. The simple act of putting on school or team colors can make a big difference whether you’re playing on a field or a digital platform. At the same time, it provides me an opportunity to strengthen the teacher-student relationship with the kids.” 

Catalyst celebrates Latinx Heritage Month!

Catalyst continues to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month! In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson launched a week-long celebration of the histories, cultures and contributions of Latinx communities to America’s national heritage.  Since then, the one-week event has evolved into a commemoration from September 15th to October 15th that uplifts the cultural legacy and countless contributions of Latinx communities.

Latinx Heritage Month

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